The Artspace Exchange

Welcome to the Artspace Exchange! All artists and those who work in or with the visual arts sector are welcome to register. It is free and all you will need is a profile picture and a little information about you and your activities or services. Once logged into The Exchange you will be able to interact with The Noticeboard, including posting and responding to opportunities and requests for support. This is a developing website and we welcome feedback on your experience of using it - please email [email protected] with your comments.

Chidera Ugada

Artist Painting

Bio see more

Chloe Morgan


Chloe Morgan is a creative professional with over 16 years of marketing experience; she now... see more

Chloe Wilde

Artist Digital Illustration Painting Print maker Mixed Media

Bio see more

Corinne -


I’m a bedbound self-portrait artist working with photography. My distinctively dark and evocative self-depictions, intimately... see more

Cory Barrett

Consultant Artist Curation Career development Installation Curator

Coventry Artspace

Consultant Service Provider Owner of artist space for hire/use Staff Member Organisation

Coventry Artspace is a visual arts charity. We run arts projects and events, and provide... see more

Cristina Mititelu

Consultant Artist

Cynthia Sipes

Artist Digital Illustration Painting

Bio see more

Daksha Piparia

Consultant Career development Business Planning Funding applications Budget management / financial planning Social Engagement Art Organisation

Community arts producer, project manager and lead for Foleshill Creates. 18 year experience in the... see more

Dav Kaur

Consultant Service Provider Artspace Ambassador

I am currently part of Coventry Artspace Ambassador Scheme. I am an experience administrator, event... see more

David Jones

Artist Digital Print maker

Rural Warwickshire artist, explorer of wilderness and ancient places. Specialise in woodblock prints, digital paper... see more

Denise Startin

Artist Installation Photography Print maker Mixed Media

Denise Startin is an artist, writer, researcher and collector. Her current practice and research are... see more

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