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Welcome to the Artspace Exchange! All artists and those who work in or with the visual arts sector are welcome to register. It is free and all you will need is a profile picture and a little information about you and your activities or services. Once logged into The Exchange you will be able to interact with The Noticeboard, including posting and responding to opportunities and requests for support. This is a developing website and we welcome feedback on your experience of using it - please email [email protected] with your comments.

Adam Tucker

Artist Illustration Painting

I am a fine artist living and working in Coventry, sharing my time as a... see more

Andy Sargent

Artist Sculpture Painting

Bio see more

Anita Kroon

Artist Painting

Bio see more

Ashley Spindler

Artist Installation Painting Other

Bio see more

Beata Jablonska

Artist Installation Photography Illustration Painting Print maker Mixed Media

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Bengy Speer

Artist Career development Technical - Audio visual Technical - Build and installation Business Planning Photographing art work Working with galleries Fabrication Printing Equalities and Diversity Working outdoors Working in the public realm Sculpture Digital Installation Photography Illustration Painting Print maker Craft Social Engagement Mixed Media Textile Other Moving Image Art Organisation

I’m an eclectic artist and I derive my work from my lived experiences through trauma... see more

Bernard J Charnley

Artist Painting

Bernard Charnley works primarily in paint with an emphasis on colour and materiality. The imagery... see more

Chiara Grant

Artist Installation Painting

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Chidera Ugada

Artist Painting

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Chloe Wilde

Artist Digital Illustration Painting Print maker Mixed Media

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Cynthia Sipes

Artist Digital Illustration Painting

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