Troy Grant

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Troy Grant is a film maker and photographer, operating out of Coventry in the West Midlands. With over 15 years experience in digital media, Troy's portfolio shows a diverse spectrum of work from commerical, corporate, higher education, sports and entertainment.

Troy is currently lead producer for BSc Adult Nursing degree at Coventry University Online, working with a team of academics, leaders in the field of nursing and subject experts to create bespoke media for 1000's of part time and distance learners on a global scale.

Having a set of grandparents who were avid photographers, played a huge part in shaping Troy’s path to becoming a creative artist. Always surrounded by creativity and artistry, he experimented with cameras from as early 4 years old. Throughout school he showed artistic prowess through performing arts and graphic design and continued to demonstrate this into college years where he studied Art & Design and Media Production.

In 2005 Troy started his journey toward becoming a creative professional when studied Media Technology at De Montfort Uni, Leicester graduating with a 2nd class honours degree. He then went on to study a Masters degree at the same university this time in the spectrum of Creative Technologies. It was here that he really found his drive for photography – experimenting with lenticular, 3D Imagery, HDR as well as interactive soundscapes and 360 video.

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He spent much of his final months back and forth to Berlin, producing architectural photography and documenting how culture and history had impacted and shaped the landscape of the city.

After finishing post graduate study, Troy was ready to make his mark on the creative industry – starting in the city he had studied in, Leicester. Working for local arts magazine From Dusk till Dawn (FD2D) Troy covered a range of events across the city producing content for both print and online distribution – festivals, live music events, comedy, conference talks. Troy gained an understanding and appreciation for journalism, making himself known and recognisable at any event.

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Troy then moved to Norwich to use these skills in a new area, he continued down the route of journalism specifically in music and worked for an East Anglia based magazine called Outline, where he featured monthly with photos and reviews. As Troy continued to build new contacts and seek out new challenges he began to venture into nightclub photography where his communication skills and engaging character really played a part. Becoming a staple photographer of Norwich’s nightclub scene, Troy quickly began to build a client base of clubs and bars that regularly demanded his skills. Word quickly spread and he began to collaborate with other local artists and video and promo packages for major events around the city. In addition to this, Troy demonstrated his adaptability by working with a local arts charity called The Garage. Here he worked closely with staff over a number of weeks to produce a short documentary on how their work in performing arts helps local children with learning difficulties and troubled backgrounds express themselves in a positive and artistic nature.

After several years in Norwich, Troy returned to the midlands and became very quickly involved in the Birmingham nightclub scene, where he continued to make a name for himself amongst some of the biggest clubs in the midlands. Although he enjoyed this, he was keen to step away and move more towards photography and video that was a little more grounded. He began to work on wedding photography, studio portrait shoots, corporate and promotional videos.

A move to Coventry in 2017 saw Troy work closely with tenants of FarGo village, where he quickly build up a strong rapport and working relationship with staff there, to produce promotional content for events across the year.

In May of 2018 Troy became an Assistant digital Media Producer for Coventry University Online where he now creates content for online masters degree programmes – working closely with academics to turn on ground courses to online format for distance learners. In 2020 Troy was promoted to Lead Producer of the forst wholey online Adult Nursing degree.

Outside of fulltime work, Troy spends his time working as a film maker and cinematographer, a portrait photographer and events producer.


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