Nyasha Daley

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Hi there! I'm Nyasha - an artist, poet, producer, creative consultant and honorary Coventrian (having moved here more than 25 years ago). My core practices are poetry, spoken word, visual art, film, singing/songwriting and theatre. My current muse is the exploration of identity, including my own. I am proud and privileged to be part of the Clore Fellowship cohort for 2022/23.

I'm a former corporate career climber, having managed global marketing teams and campaigns, across a wide breadth of sector, including automotive, licensed pub trade, regional government, logistics, retail, property management and the arts.

I continue to work across several disciplines and run a creative consultancy, Varyah Ltd, with my music producer and videographer husband, Dwain Daley. My lived experience as a Black woman of Caribbean heritage, who has led organisations from the C-Suite, gives me a different perspective on the Arts sector as a whole.

I use some of this experience in my additional consultancy, supporting large and small organisations across the West Midlands with Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy. I've also worked with the Mayor of the West Midlands Office in this sphere and was acknowledged by PwC as one of 50 Inspiring Individuals working in this sector. I'm a qualified ACA Executive Coach, as well as being a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner too. I am a Board member for the Belgrade Theatre; I am currently interim Chair.

I'm always interested in interesting things (and sometimes mundane things too... especially if there's scope for positive change), and I'm really well connected; so it's always worth grabbing me for a coffee and a chat. And cake. There should always be cake!

A woman of African-Caribbean heritage with black locs is smiling and looking into the camera. She is stood in front of the Belgrade Theatre. The image is in black and white.
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Poetry, spoken word and singing / song-writing are my core practices; I'm also an arts and emergent film producer. I'm fascinated by identity and words; these passions are expressed, explored, and examined through much of my practice and pieces. I also support arts organisations with Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion consultancy.

  • Older people
  • Under represented communities
  • Young people
  • Further or higher education
  • 16-18 years
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