Lorsen Camps

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Lorsen Camps is an artist and curator based in Coventry. His work calls attention to the beauty and value he sees in disregarded things. This is the basis of his practice sparking investigation and exploration of objects and materials.

He works with mixed media, photography and installation taking found/reclaimed objects and charity shops finds - things with little or no apparent value - and re-presents or reinvents these worthless things to highlight their significance.

His current focus is on reclaimed polystyrene packaging – emphasising its aesthetic nature, its sculptural form, and using each piece to stimulate new creative endeavours.

Lorsen’s artwork has featured in group shows and selected exhibitions including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018 and he was the winner of the Leamington Open in 2019; a Spotlight Show at the Gallery & Museum there followed. In Summer 2021 he was commissioned for the Artspace 'Artist on my Street' project which has been bringing art into the neighbourhoods of Coventry. More recently Lorsen was the engagement artist for 'The Show Windows: Reflections' exhibition in Coventry City Arcade.

As a curator Lorsen is interested in showing work outside of traditional gallery settings and encouraging the general public to engage with art and creativity. This started with 'The Wall' project (2009) where Lorsen and artist Martin Green created a makeshift gallery of street-found objects on his front wall. Since then Lorsen has curated several exhibitions in alternative gallery spaces - in sheds (with the Coventry Centre for Contemporary Art), in empty shop spaces and garages. Often these exhibitions would encourage public interaction with evolving displays or artist-led workshops.

Lorsen is currently a studio holder at Artspace Coventry based in Eaton House.

2 Masks (Pollux & Castor) (2018)

Two bronze casts of polystyrene packaging that resemble faces or masks. One is painted a bright orangey-red, the other a metallic turquoise.

Concrete Koala (2022)

A concrete cast of reclaimed polystyrene packaging that is reminiscent of the face of a koala.

Hot Point (2022)

An iceberg with a bright three colour background has been painted and picked onto the surface of some reclaimed polystyrene packaging (with the label 'Hotpoint' on the side).
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I am an artist and curator based in Coventry. My work calls attention to the beauty and value I see in disregarded things. I work with mixed media, photography, installation and social engagement. My curatorial practice is driven by a desire to bring art to people outside of traditional gallery contexts.

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