Janet Tryner

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I am a conceptual contemporary visual artist. My socially-engaged and multidisciplinary art practice is inspired by traces found at the ground level of entangled ecosystems experiencing alteration to their environment, such as from human land use or seasonal changes.

My aim is to encourage closer observation of places shared by beings and things by humans as an embedded species. I attempt to document meeting points between species and things in ordinary spaces and as a result found objects, particularly litter, features widely in my work as a consequential part of life.

I use many analogue and digital media, but am particularly drawn to analogue printing methodolgies where documentation and replication is inherent within the process. As an expression of endless layering in encounters with space, always similar, yet different, this is similar to the overwhelming experience of attempting to comprehend the ineffable connectness of lives and things in the eocsystem of a hedge, tree or a meadow.

I am currently studying part-time and online for an MA in Art & Archaeoloy with the University of the Islands and Highlands.

Radio Public Art Festival on Dudley High Street.

Views of 'At home on the High Street' Exhibition & Soundscape at CoLab Dudley 9th July 2022, showing radios both collected and constructed with 'Talk to Me' collages, found textures and explorative printing, and word play; the High Street Textures workshop window gallery; and 'The Radio Station' a curious cabinet displaying radios collected or found by group members over the previous 3 months.

Radio Public was a collaborative group project led by socially engaged artists Workshop 24, centred on Dudley High Street, which asks the question: if High Streets are no longer commercially viable then what else can they be?

We wondered if they could become places to be, to make art, to meet others, to form new connections and to be homes for more-than-human lives. Our work drew in several other artists and artforms. To read more about the project see: https://www.workshop24.co.uk/radio-public

In the studio at Eaton House.

City Arcade: Elevated Artefacts: Recording Site Miniproject

Extrapolating structures from traces.

This project begun as a Archaeological Recording Place miniproject and has become ground for an archaeological/architectural imaginarium.

What would architecture for the existing ecosystem of Coventry City Arcade carpark look like if the task was to create fair cohabiting spaces for all the current inhabitants to inhabit and transit: the living; humans, pigeons, moss, lichen, trees, and non-living; cars, tarmac and litter. What if our plan was to adapt rather than destroy and rebuild?

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