Hardish Virk

Consultant Artspace Trustee

Hardish Virk specialises in communications, audience & organisational development within the arts, culture and heritage sectors. He is also an artist, author, journalist, DJ and curator.

Hardish currently leads on the South Asian heritage project, 'Stories That Made Us' in partnership with Coventry Artspace. Other partners include St. Mary's Guildhall and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.

Hardish is a Director on the boards of the following arts organisations: Jaivant Patel Dance and Coventry Artspace. He is also a Regional Fellow of the Warwick Institute of Engagement and Honorary Associate with the University of Warwick.

Hardish has over thirty years’ experience in arts marketing and PR, having worked with theatre, dance, music, festivals, visual arts, cinema, museums and heritage organisations. In an audience development capacity, he has managed projects specifically aimed at developing ethnically diverse audiences whilst advising artists and cultural organisations on race equality, diversity, inclusivity, communications and audience development as well as consulting on policy and strategy.

He has written articles on audience and organisational development for magazines including Arts Business, Arts Professional, Journal of Arts Marketing and authored/ co-authored several publications including the ‘New Audience Development – Guide 2002’ (British Council, Denmark/ Danish Centre for Culture and Development).

Hardish has also worked with voluntary organisations, health service providers and educational institutions on community engagement, leading on delivery and acting as an advisor.

As an artist and activist, he is an author, journalist, DJ and is currently working on a South Asian Heritage Project in partnership with Coventry Artspace.

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